spread over two appointments. Sometimes information generated from a foundational evaluation will prompt the additional testing offered through this comprehensive option.

Not sure which type of evaluation is best?  Give us a call!  We can provide advice based on your specific questions.

*note that due to the way this test is normed, testing must take place in the morning.  

Foundational:  This is the starting point for all three evaluations.  Often, this foundational evaluation is sufficient to answer a range of questions.  The assessment includes cognitive testing (“IQ” testing), achievement testing, and focused questionnaires depending on the referral question.  This is a great starting point and is appropriate for many learning disorder evaluations and mood/behavioral evaluations.

needs and referral question. They are offered at fixed prices so you know ahead of time how much the evaluation will cost.  All three evaluations include a separate feedback appointment with Dr. Fiano to review the results of your child's evaluation.  

Psychological evaluations for children and young adults struggling

in the academic environment can be useful by identifying the reason for those struggles and to offer recommendations for intervention.  Documenting this information is also critical in securing appropriate accommodations in the school setting. Fiano Psychological Services offers three levels of educational evaluations that vary by your specific

Expanded:  The expanded evaluation includes all of the elements of the Foundational evaluation with additional tests included based on the referral question.  For example, if there is a question of a language-based learning disorder, the additional testing would include more in-depth tests of language as it applies to reading and writing.  Computerized testing of attention* for ADD or ADHD is another option to include in the expanded battery.  Foreign language aptitude testing can be added to the Expanded evaluation (although this can also be requested on a stand-alone basis).  The addition of these tests helps round out the Foundational evaluation and leads to additional customized recommendations for academic interventions.

Comprehensive/Neuropsychological:  This level builds on the previous two levels.  It includes far more extensive testing to provide an in-depth look at memory, language, visual-spatial skills, and more.  This type of testing is appropriate for many brain-related issues, such as brain injury, epilepsy, and other neurological conditions.  It can also provide much greater detail to supplement learning disorder evaluations.  Given their scope, these evaluations tend to be lengthy and are typically